The Mission in the News

May 20, 2014

Can You Spare a Few Hundred Squares?

The Mission is kicking off its annual toilet paper drive. We’re requesting donations from individuals, church congregations, companies and other organizations.

Last year, several local churches rallied their congregations and contributed more than 4,000 rolls.  A Freeport toilet tissue manufacturing company, Malcolm Eaton Enterprises, donated more than 3,000 rolls. Many individuals contributed, too, bringing our total to more than 9,000 rolls. That typically supplies the Mission for about a year.

Our goal this year is 10,000 rolls. Heartland Church already has made a sizable dent by donating more than 650 rolls.  Several other churches and individuals have contributed so far; we’re already close to 900 rolls.

Donations will be accepted at the Mission’s main facility (Hope Place), 715 West State St. in Rockford, or at our Thrift Store, 2710 20th St.

For more information, contact Reid Tennant at 815-965-5332 /