Heritage Partners

Heritage Partners are people who have indicated that they have included the Mission as a beneficiary in their will or estate plans.  If you desire to provide a legacy for those you love - your family and the ministries you care so much about, please consider including the Mission in your will or estate plan.  If you have questions or need more details, contact 815-965-5332.

Using Life Insurance to Help Rockford Rescue Mission

If you have a love for Rockford Rescue Mission and a heart for its long-term needs, you and your family may consider a gift of a Life Insurance policy to benefit the Mission. Gifts of Life Insurance are fairly simple and easy to make for those wishing to support Rockford Rescue Mission. For both new and existing policies, Rockford Rescue Mission can be named as the beneficiary.

Life Insurance policies can also have increasing value over time, as cumulative earnings on investments yield bigger benefits. In addition, there can be immediate tax benefits upon transfer of ownership of an existing Life Insurance policy.

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