Melissa - She almost gave up

Unable to leave her destructive lifestyle behind…Melissa almost gave up

Melissa was released from jail, then walked across the street to the Mission.

She was more scared than she’d ever been in her life.

“I was petri­fied coming here,” Melissa remembers. “But God gave me hope that my life could be saved.”

For years, Melissa had been yearning for peace...but was unable to let go of her addiction to drugs.

Melissa spent years trying to beat her addiction to drugs as an adult. “It followed me everywhere I went,” she says.

“I swore I was done with drugs.”

When she got married and had three beautiful children, Melissa wanted to be a present mother, so she stopped using drugs and got a full-time job to support her family.

But soon enough, her co-workers got her to go out after work, and she was swallowed up by her poor choices again. “I wasn’t going home or being a present mother or wife, so my marriage fell apart. I was stealing to get my next fix. I felt so much guilt.”

“I was beyond broken.”

One day, Melissa overdosed in her car and the police found her...along with her drugs. “I was arrested and sent to Winnebago County Jail,” she says. “Which happens to be right across the street from Rockford Rescue Mission.”

At the time, Melissa couldn’t imagine spending time in jail. “I didn’t have a reason to go on anymore,” she remembers. “I planned to take my own life.”

Instead, she started attending Bible study, AA meetings and a class taught by the Mission. “I heard about the long-term Life Recovery Program,” Melissa says. “And I felt God telling me it could save my life.”

“The other women at the Mission loved me until I could love myself.”

When Melissa walked into the Mission, everything felt different. “The other women here opened their arms and just loved me.”

In our program, Melissa experienced healing through classes and counseling. “I’d always believed I wasn’t worthy...but I learned here that I was worthy of a good life and that God loves me beyond words.”

Melissa also had the chance to see her kids every other weekend, slowly rebuilding her relationship with them.

“God has worked in my life in miraculous ways.”

Today, a graduate of our program, Melissa’s life is full of the peace she wanted long ago. “I have been clean for three years. I’m a full-time student, work a steady job and have full custody of my children,” she says, smiling. “God has also put an amazing man in my life... we have a relationship with God at the center.”

Just recently, Melissa was chosen as 1 of 12 people accepted into Illinois “Highway Construction Career Training Program” (HCCTP) – a 14-week, paid program where participants are taught necessary skills for a future career in construction.

“Because of that day I got arrested, the Mission saved my life,” Melissa says. “And today, I know I’m worthy and love by the one true King.”

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