Your next cup of coffee could just change a life.

Restoration Cafe is proud to sell our own unique blend of coffee called Restoration Blend. Bags of ground and whole bean coffee are available for sale.  If you would like to order Restoration Blend to be delivered right to your home or business, call (815) 977-4361.

If you own a retail establishment and would consider selling Restoration Blend, call or email the Mission today.  All profits go directly to the life-changing programs of the Mission.

 The Cafe also sells books, jewelry, purses and handmade items -- some crafted by residents at the Mission.

"I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon  meeting at the Restoration Café last summer.  With my sandwich I asked for a slice of peach pie and a cup of coffee.  I was very pleasantly surprised with the complexity of the coffee flavor.  It is rich and bold yet not bitter in any way.  At Superior Joining Technologies, Inc., we like to provide good quality coffee for our employees and  guests.   We purchase the Restoration Blend whole beans in five pound bags and grind them fresh for each pot, usually two or three pots per day for our small business.  The most important thing is that we know the proceeds from the purchase of their coffee is contributing to the work of changing lives at the Mission.  Thank you for making this available to us, we all enjoy it every day here."

- Thom Shelow, Owner, Superior Joining Technologies